Thursday, November 03, 2005

Can you support the troops and not the war?

Here's the analogy I use when I hear the BS argument about supporting the troops but not the war:

You're a parent and your kid is a star on the HS football team. You love your son, feed him, clothe him, give him proper medical care. On the other hand you hate his football coach because of personality conflicts. The football team makes it to the state championship, but you're going to root for the opposing team and you're going to pull your kid out at halftime to undermine the coach's strategy to win, all because you don't like the coach.

Do you think you're supporting your son?

THIS TROOP says, NO! You don't have to like Bush, you don't have to like this war (or any war), but now that we're in it, you cannot support the troops without hoping, praying, and doing everything you can to help them win it. Bringing them home before the job is complete or denigrating the job itself is not support because it helps our enemies. It's that simple.

What is above is the version for the anti-Bush-at-all-costs crowd. The version I use for those who are anti-war-any-war replaces hatred for the coach with dislike for the game of football because it's too violent. Either way, not hoping your kid's team wins is disloyal and definitely not supporting him.


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Dennis Prager agrees with you.

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