Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Judge James Robertson: Moral Coward, Political Grandstander

Make no mistake that Judge James Robertson will be lionized - scratch that - canonized by the leftist, anti-Bush, America-lasters. You know, the folks who are twisting the wire-tapping of terrorists and their accomplices resident in the US into something WRONG.

Robertson is the Clinton-appointed judge who 'resigned' from the FISA court after the story broke about the wire tapping.

What heroism! What convictions! What Principles!

Or rather, what principles?????

Robertson didn't resign from the court before the story broke, only when his 'resignation' would make a newsworthy splash.

Robertson didn't resign from the bench, either. He merely decided he didn't want to be on the FISA court anymore.

And, of course, Robertson didn't resign when his sugar-daddy, Bill Clinton, used FISA in defense of our nation, only when it became public knowledge that Bush was doing so.

My hero. I think not.


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